Birmingham Get Kit Design "That Is Enjoyed by No Other Club in the UK"

When Birmingham released their new 2022-23 home jersey back in late June, the club's official announcement claimed that the football shirt features a graphic print “that will be enjoyed by no other club in the UK”. It seems they have chosen their words very carefully.

For now, none of the other 7 English clubs sponsored by Nike have presented a new shirt with the same graphic pattern, but there are already two examples outside of the UK. These two well-known teams from Germany and Switzerland will wear the same graphic pattern in the 2022-23 season.

Birmingham City Shares Graphic Pattern With 1860 Munich and BSC Young Boys

Check out all three jerseys featuring the same graphic pattern below.

The new Birmingham City 22-23 home kit combines a royal blue base colour with a graphic print consisting of slim diagonal lines fading towards the center as well as horizontal stripes in twos.

The new 1860 Munich 2022-23 home jersey features a white main colour with a light blue graphic pattern, while the BSC Young Boys 2022-2023 home shirt comes with the same graphic pattern in black on top of a yellow base.

What do you think of Nike simply re-using the graphic pattern for Birmingham City's 22-23 home kit outside of the UK? Do you think even more teams will get the same graphic pattern as Birmingham City? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.