FC Zürich Update Club Crest

FC Zürich have updated their club crest, keeping the central circle but removing the lions from each side.

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FC Zürich Update Crest

The updated crest features on the club's 22-23 shirts, occupying less space than previously after the removal of the lions. The colours have been darkened, with the light blue replaced with navy and the gold outer ring now more caramel than yellow. The gold ring also now sits tightly against the edge of the circle.

Zürich's new crest has all the hallmarks of a modern update: minimalised styling, a more bland font and a loss of character that was in this case provided by the lions. They have dropped the lions on occasion in the past, and last season on they wore a lion-less 125 year anniversary crest.

Zürich shirts with a simplified badge.

A better option from an aesthetic point of view, would have been to mix old and new, by modernising this version of the crest which incorporated the lion into the roundel, worn on their kits from 95-97 (seen below).

Crest updates which combine modernisation with reference to the club's history and identity seem to go down best with fans, rather than the ultra-minimalistic, corporate style logos that we have seen plenty of recently.

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