Kits Destroyed? 10 Button Down Summer Football Shirts Created by EquipoFC

With upcycling and sustainability becoming increasingly important in all walks of life, Spanish creative collective EquipoFC have taken a selection of football jerseys including Liverpool, PSG, Inter and Enitracht Frankfurt and given them a new lease of life as button down shirts.

Football Jerseys Transformed into Button Down Summer Shirts

Football shirts have been reworked into items such as bucket hats and various types of bags in recent years, but this new collection from EquipoFC sees the shirts maintain their original function, but with a variation on the original form and style. Apart from the obvious addition of the central opening and buttons, a small EFC tag is sewn onto the hem of each shirt. Check them out below.

It's an interesting idea and a new way to wear your football shirts, but the selection of kits used for the collection could have been better, with the many modern shirts not lending themselves particularly well to the button down style. Polo collared shirts would have been a more obvious and fitting choice.

But fear not if these shirts are not to your taste, you can also send your old shirts to EquipoFC and they will make them into a button down for you.

If you would like to buy one of the 10 button downs from the capsule collection, they will set you back a hefty €110.

What do you think of the idea and the execution of EquipoFC's button down football shirts? Comment below.