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No More Calcio Catania: All-New Catania SSD Logo Revealed

In April 2022, famous Italian football club Catania Calcio were excluded from Italian professional football following bankruptcy. Now the rebirth of the club is taking shape, with the team having revealed their new logo.

Catania are now known as "Catania SSD". They will compete in Serie D (the Italian 4th division) in the 2022-2023 season.

Some months ago, there were reports that the new club would be called Football Club Catania 1946. The proposed logo was very unpopular, and it has been ditched altogether.

Catania 2022 Logo

The new Catania 2022 logo unites the club's history in a bespoke and modern design.

The new Catania 2022 logo merges the C and the elephant. It also includes the famous red and blue stripes as well as the year 1946, when the club were refounded as Club Calcio Catania after the war.

The new Catania logo was co-determined by the club's fans' vote. The club were offering fans to choose from two different logos.

Do you like the new Catania logo? Which would you have chosen? Comment below.