AS Roma 22-23 Third Kit Released

Update: The Roma 22-23 third kit was debuted in last night's Europa League game against HJK Helsinki, with the standout feature being the pink color used for the lettering on the back. As could be expected, the holographic logo did not make the UEFA-approved version and appears to have been replaced with a standard badge.

The new AS Roma third jersey was released this morning. It is made by New Balance and will be worn in the 22-23 Serie A.

Although not mentioned at all in the press release, the "shape-shifting", holographic club crest was shown off by Roma on Twitter.

AS Roma 22-23 Third Kit

Check out New Balance's A.S. Roma 22-23 third jersey below.

Introducing a unique look, the New Balance Roma 22-23 third shirt is mainly black with a pink & anthracite graphic pattern on the front and sleeves. This pattern depicts a plethora of diagonal and vertical lines.

The graphic is an interweaving of modern shapes and reflects the fierce loyalty of Roma’s wolf pack

However, the most interesting aspect of the New Balance Associazione Sportiva Roma 22-23 third shirt is the fact that the club crest on the left chest changes its shape depending on the angle. Additionally, the logo is applied in a recoloured grey & black rendition.

In fact, it consists of two logos: one being the club initials 'ASR' within a circular shape, while the regular shield is visible upon closer inspection. The sponsor logos on the chest are white, and the right sleeve cuff features a pink stripe surrounded by two white lines.

General Manager of New Balance Football, Kenny McCallum said, β€œThe use of traditional symbols alongside a progressive print and innovative colour palette has created a design that fuses the identities of AS Roma. The shirt celebrates the club in all its historical glory as well as its current role in society as a modern and unique voice within the game.”

Made by New Balance. What's your opinion on Associazione Sportiva Roma's third shirt? Comment below.