Fraud? Adidas Sell 22-23 Kits With Wrong Kit Typeface

If you think about buying an Adidas 22-23 kit with a player name on it, you should not do so via the official Adidas US website. Thanks to @TigresJersey and @BBITKID25 for the heads-up.

Adidas Print 2020 Font On ALL Official 22-23 Club Kits

In reality, the 2022-2023 kits of the teams like Arsenal, Bayern, or Real Madrid all feature bespoke and different typefaces. However, not so on the Adidas US website. Adidas print them with the same, wrong typeface for every kit.

Adidas sell their own kits with the wrong font

Instead of having the correct font for each team, Adidas use their streamlined 2020 jersey typeface.

At least, Adidas are showing the preview of the wrong font. So it is not fraud, even though many won't be aware it is not the correct font.

Last year, Adidas did print the official typeface on the kits.

The kit font is 3x expensive in the USAMeanwhile, it is only possible to have the official Premier League typeface for Arsenal and Manchester United but not the cup typeface in Europe via the Adidas website.

What is also questionable is the price for customization. Adidas want 30 USD in the USA but just 10 EUR in Europe for customization from their customers.

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