Should Have Been Third Kit? Lazio 22-23 Pre-Match Shirt Released

Lazio's new 22-23 Mizuno pre-match shirt has been released in three different colourways, one of which could easily have been used instead of their third shirt.

First-Ever Mizuno Lazio 22-23 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Lazio 22-23 Pre-match Kit

This is the Società Sportiva Lazio 2022-23 pre-match football shirt, made by Mizuno.

The Mizuno Lazio 22-23 pre-match shirt is white with a sky blue geometric graphic pattern on the lower half. The colour of the pattern fades gradually towards the top and the pattern disappears completely from the Mizuno logo and badge upwards. A small Binance logo is found beneath the full colour club crest.

The Mizuno Lazio 2022-23 training jersey is also available in the colours of the home and away shirts.

Lazio 22-23 third shirt.

Mizuno released Lazio's 22-23 third shirt last month and it is fair to say that it's not quite on the same level as their beautiful home and away jerseys. This white training kit is much more stylish and would have given them a very complete set of kits. The actual third shirt is a little bit of a let-down after the great designs of the home and away jerseys.

Lazio 22-23 Third Kit Released

Made by Mizuno. What's your verdict on S.S. Lazio's training jersey? Would it have made a better third kit? Comment below.