Lyon Fans Want Players to Stop Wearing Green Boots

The supporters of Olympique Lyonnais are protesting against the players' green Adidas X Speedportal boots. Let us find out why.

Schalke players were criticized for wearing yellow 15 years ago

Lyon Fans Do Not Want Players to Wear Green Cleats - Color of Rivals AS Saint-Etienne

During the match between Olympique Lyonnais and Troyes, Lyon supporters protested against the use of green shoes - the color of the club's rival AS Saint-Etienne. They had a banner with a pair of green Adidas Speedportal football within a crossed-out circle and accompanied by a message “Respect our traditions”.

In Lyon's team, the Adidas X football shoe is by far the most popular boot silo - 13 players are wearing them, with many donning the green Adidas X Speedportal launch edition. This can be seen in the data of Football Boots DB.

There would be an easy solution to the problem. OL's players could switch to the Black Pack edition of the Adidas X Speedportal football boots. However, the players' contracts obligate them to wear the latest colorway.

Adidas X Speedportal 'Shadowportal' - Black/Solar Red/Solar Green

The Black Pack Adidas X 2022 'Shadowportal' football boots are anything but classic, despite being overwhelmingly black. Adidas combine the black base color with striking red Three Stripes and Solar Green detailing.

In fact, all this reminds us of a topic from 15 years ago in Germany. Back then, BVB players were criticized for wearing blue boots (color of rival Schalke), and Schalke players were criticized for wearing yellow boots (color of BVB). With brands releasing boots in every imaginable color, this seems to be no problem in Germany anymore.

Do you think Lyon's players will switch boots? What do you think of players wearing boots in the colors of their team's rival? Comment below.