Nike B-Team Template - Reason For Repeating 22-23 Nike Graphics

As we have explained in several articles and may have been observed by kit enthusiasts, Nike have a sort of tier system amongst their teams. There are obvious 'A Teams', such as Liverpool, Barcelona and Chelsea, who, no matter what, will receive fully custom kit designs for all three of their jerseys.

These are Nike's flagship sponsor deals, along with certain national teams, such as England and France. However, the American brand obviously outfit a great deal more teams, some of not as much importance, but still worthy of more than just standard teamwear. This brings us to Nike's next tier, the 'B teams'.

These clubs mostly receive designs that are not based on standard teamwear, however they are still templated. We call this the 'B team' template, as almost all these clubs are outfitted with this look.

Nike 21-22 B-Team Template

The 2021-22 season saw the first such widespread template by Nike appear, so we created a break-down of the shirt and its many graphic and color options.

Template Cut

First off, the collar of the Nike 'B team' template has a recognizable V-shape, with clubs able to choose a separate color for it. The sleeve cuffs and a stripe down each side of the jersey also come in a custom color.

The cut of the sleeves ends near the shoulders, contrary to a raglan-style look.

Graphic Options

There is a variety of different graphics that can be chosen for the Nike 2021-22 'B team' template. Ranging from the infamous tiger design to various stripe and hoop styles, every club can create the look they want.

The base options for the stripes and hoops are the same, with many available stripes and lines to be colored. This can result in solid, same-width stripes, or many other unique styles.

Pinstripe designs can also be created by coloring in all the stripes apart from the thinnest ones.

There is also a checkered design, as well as a half-half one, where the collar and sleeve cuffs can even feature two different colors.

Another option for the Nike template is to simply have a solid base with no graphic. Atletico's 21-22 fourth kit had this style in all red.

2022-23 Season - New B Team Template

Of course, now that the 2022-23 season is underway, we can see that Nike have rolled out a new 22-23 'B team' template. A new set of graphic options now exists, having a completely unique style.

Some of Nike's teams still received the old 21-22 'B team' template however. These include the likes of Sporting, Mallorca and Utrecht.

The shear number of teams that participates in this system is the cause for repetitive graphics, an issue rival brand Adidas are also suffering with (mi team).

What do you think of Nike's 'B team' template for 2022-23? Could they improve their system? Comment below.