Adidas mi Team Site Decommissioned - Relocated to Locker Room

A statement has recently been put out on the Adidas mi Team website that announces the site's decommission. However, this does not mean mi Team as a whole is ending.

"We are asking all customers to place all orders on Lockerroom from here on out. Our configurator for all products will be decommissioned on September 30th, 2022 at 12am CET. It is highly recommended that your last order placed here on mi team be on or before Sept 29th to ensure your order has been received. Any orders placed close to the decommission date are at risk for production.
Additionally, to ensure timely approvals, artwork orders should not be placed after September 26th.
After September 30th, you will need to refer to our Locker Room site to place your remaining order."

Adidas mi Team to Relocate Its Configurator

The current configurator for all of the mi Team products will be decommissioned on September 30th, 2022 at 12am CET. The service will be relocated to Locker Room, an Adidas website that is currently undergoing a re-build.

The brief message on Locker Room mentions that the site will go live soon in 2022, so perhaps it will take over from mi Team starting October 1.

We expect that all current mi Team products and their life cycles will continue as planned on Locker Room. Especially mi Team's football kits have seen a rise in popularity among amateur and professional teams since the program's conception in the early 2010's.

After Leak - Adidas mi Condivo 22 Kit Released - To Be Used By Many Teams Next Season

It would not make sense for Adidas to scale down their ambitions in the customization sector. Their products have offered by far the most unique variety of sports wear options when compared to other big brands like Nike and Puma.

Adidas mi Team Updated With New Template and Graphics

What is not known at the moment is how much mi Team will change. The service could be receiving a complete makeover, or alternatively continue to exist as it has in the last 8-9 years, just on a different site.

What do you expect from the continuation of mi Team on Locker Room? Comment below.