Alessandria 22-23 Home, Away & Goalkeeper Kits Released

We have kit news from the Serie C as the new Adidas Alessandria 22-23 home and away kits were released recently. Their league season is kicking off on this Sunday, September 4.

Alessandria 22-23 Home Kit

This is the Alessandria 2022-23 home shirt, made by Adidas.

The Adidas Alessandria 2022-2023 home jersey is based on the mi License 22 template. It features the club's traditional grey color scheme, which is covered in a black dotted graphic on the front.

The sleeves and back are solid grey, while the collar is white with red piping. Adidas' branding is white as well, as are the panels at the armpits. Alessandria's badge comes in a recoloured grey and white look.

Adidas combines the US Alessandria 22-23 home shirt with grey shorts and socks.

Alessandria 22-23 Away Kit

This is the new Adidas US Alessandria away jersey for 2022-23.

Making use of the mi Condivo 22 template, the Adidas Alessandria 22-23 away jersey is mainly white with a grey sash on the front. The collar also comes in grey, with Adidas' branding in red.

Adidas combines the Alessandria 22-23 away shirt with white shorts and socks.

Alessandria 22-23 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the US Alessandria 22-23 goalkeeper shirt, made by Adidas.

The Adidas US Alessandria 2022-23 goalkeeper jersey has a red base with grey sleeves and an old mi Team graphic on the front. It is based on the mi Competition 21 jersey, which has a round grey collar with white piping around the sleeve cuffs and collar.

Red shorts and red socks round off the look of the new Alessandria 22-23 goalkeeper uniform by Adidas.

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