Every National Team Get White Kit From Puma

Puma have not been very creative with their 2022 national team kits.

Puma 2022 National Teams - Each of the 12 Teams Get White Kit

Switzerland's kit is officially colored "Harbor Mist/Nimbus Cloud".

Each national team received two new kits from Puma for 2022. And one thing stands out at first glance - each nation received a white shirt from Puma.

Puma teams won't have problems with it comes to kit clashesA closer look reveals that 10 of the white Puma 2022 national kits are away jerseys, while two are home shirts. Ghana and Senegal traditionally wear white as their first choice, so they got "dark-colored" away kits.

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There is one big advantage with Puma and their white kits. There should be no problems when it comes to kit clashes against most opponenets.

So why did Puma decide to have white kits for every nation? One reason is surely FIFA's policy that oblige every team to have a light and a dark kit. There is no lighter color than white - it is possibly FIFA's ideal.

Portugal's away kit is 'Sail'Adidas and Nike, meanwhile, did not release white kits for every nation and both tried to have some variation for the "light kits". Adidas did practically not release a plain white kit for any nation and gave Spain a light blue jersey instead of a white one.

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Nike also have much more variation than Puma. South Korea, for example, only have a red and a black kit. The red of South Korea's 2022 home kit certainly is considered as "Light", even though it is surely suboptimal.

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