Vasco da Gama to Sign Castore Kit Deal?

Yesterday, Vasco da Gama supporter Fabio Azevedo (@fabioazevedotv) released a new video addressing a rumour of Vasco da Gama signing a kit deal with Castore starting next year. Let us find out what this is all about below.

Castore to expand to South America with Vasco da Gama?

British sportswear supplier Castore is currently rapidly expanding, and even though Vasco da Gama has a valid contract with Italian brand Kappa until 2024, there is reason to believe that the deal will end prematurely to make way for Castore.

The main argument for this assumption is that Castore established close ties with the 777 Partners group, and already signed two teams affiliated with 777 Partners before the start of the 2022-2023 campaign: Genoa and Sevilla.

Vasco da Gama also works together with 777 Partners so there is a mutual connection. Journalist Fabio Azevedo claims that Castore is exploring the possibility of signing Vasco da Gama, but they did not submit an official bid yet. It remains to be seen whether this rumour turns out to be true in the end or not.

Castore already makes the kits for Rangers, Wolverhampton, Newcastle, Aston Villa, Bayer 04 Leverkusen, UD Almería, Sevilla, Genoa, MK Dons, Salford City and some other lower-league teams from England.

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