Absurd, Overpriced Ronaldinho Collection Released by Dryworld

Update: The Dryworld x Ronaldinho national team collection is surely not our favorite, but we might have been a bit too critical here. What is still questionable is the heavy price tag of unlicensed gear, which usually has much lower retail prices. Our original article is below.

Canadian brand Dryworld have launched a bizarre collection of national team football jerseys in collaboration with Ronaldinho.

Dryworld Ronaldinho Collection Released

You may remember Dryworld from their brief stint in the Premier League, when they produced kits for Watford during the 16-17 season. Around the same time, they were also the technical sponsor of QPR, Fluminense, Atlético Mineiro and Goias, before their financial problems led to these deals being cancelled.

Last week they announced a Ronaldinho collection and after a days-long social media countdown, the first part of the range was launched a couple of days ago. It was certainly worth the wait, if only to marvel at how bad the shirts are. Generic patterns, all featuring some brushstroke elements, have been sublimated onto v neck shirts in the colours of eleven of the countries participating at the World Cup.

A white Dryworld logo is on the right of the chest and a grey shield with a yellow silhouette of Ronaldinho in action is on the left. To really add some credibility to the budget supermarket aesthetic, the back of each shirt is printed with the number 10 and Ronaldinho's name below it. "Co-designed" by the man himself apparently, who had this to say:

“I am very happy to be part of an especially beautiful project, I hope you like it!”The shirts are priced at €103.95 each.

What's even more ridiculous than thinking people would want to buy a cheap-looking, imitation Argentina shirt with Ronaldinho's name on the back, is believing that anybody would be willing to pay €103.95 for it. Dryworld say the shirts are only available to buy until the 27th of October, but somehow we imagine they'll be extending that deadline.

Brazil, the only shirt of the collection which makes any sort of sense.

This collection raises a lot of questions. How did they come up with that outrageous price? Have the designers of these jerseys ever seen an actual football shirt before? How did they convince Ronaldinho to come on board? Is he really that stuck for cash that he'd put his name on such an awful product? Take a look at each shirt below and try to come up with some answers.











It's suddenly not so hard to understand why Dryworld didn't last very long in the kit manufacturing game. What do you make of this collection? Let us know in the comments.