Adidas Release Canada 2022 World Cup Collection - Inspired by 1986 Jerseys

Canada's technical sponsor, Nike, have not provided them with any new gear ahead of the World Cup, so Adidas are capitalising on the opportunity by releasing a retro-inspired lifestyle collection.

Canada Keep Uninspired Teamwear Kits at 2022 World Cup Due to Being "on a Different Kit Development Cycle"

Adidas Canada 2022 World Cup Collection

Nike's decision not to give Canada new kits for the World Cup was a strange one and a disappointment to many football fans in the country. It even provoked a response from their striker, Jonathan David, who blocked out the Nike logo with his hand when celebrating a goal for the national team recently, with the Adidas logo of his glove receiving the attention instead.

Jonathan David Protests Against Nike Not Releasing New Canada 2022 World Cup Kits

In a move that will garner them even more publicity, the German brand have just released a lifestyle collection loosely inspired by the shirts worn at the 1986 World Cup, complete with Canada text on the front. A similar font has been used along with the maple leaf symbol, with Adidas not having the rights to use the football federation badge due to not being official sponsors.

Canada's 1986 home shirt.

So far, three hoodies and two sweatshirts are available from Adidas' online store, but t-shirts (as seen in the promotional images) are also expected to become available. Check out the pieces below.



Canada have already experienced problems with limited stock of their Nike shirts being available to the public since they signed the deal in 2021, and the success of the national team since then has only seen demand increase. The months leading up to an international tournament are a huge time for sales of national team gear for any country involved, so it looks like a shrewd move from Adidas to give a new option the Canadian fans who are looking to support their team.

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