Inter Milan Wear "Cheap Plastic Crest" in Match

While checking out some close-up images of Inter's 2022-2023 kits, we came across something very strange - Inter are using a different crest for the home kit than the one being sold.

Nike Inter Milan 2022-2023 Home Kit - Authentic Retail Features Different Crest Than Player Issue

The retail version of the authentic Nike Inter 22-23 home kit has a partly "fake stitched crest" - it is a heat-applied crest with stitched elements. Meanwhile, the shirts worn by the players have a different crest.

Nike's 22-23 heat-applied plastic crest looks bad in floodlight

The Player Issue Nike Inter 22-23 home kit comes with a plastic crest. It looked very cheap in the floodlight in the Champions League against Barcelona but we are pretty sure that it is the same plastic crest used for many other Nike 22-23 kits.

Nike 22-23 Logos - Authentic Versions

The logos on the authentic jerseys of FC Barcelona, Galatasaray, and Paris Saint-Germain are very different from the previous ones. They are very thin and come with a one-of-a-kind engraved pattern.

Nik's 22-23 heat-applied logos are extremely thin

The star of the retail authentic version of the Nike Inter 22-23 home kit is traditionally stitched, interestingly.

Nike Inter 22-23 Home Shirt - Retail Version - Fake Stitched Crest

Nike Inter 22-23 Home Shirt - Player Version - 22-23 "Vaporknit" Plastic Crest

We have no info on why Nike ditched the partly stitched logo of the Inter 22-23 home kit but it is possibly due to performance/nipple chafing. Indeed, the 22-23 heat-applied Nike logos are extremely thin, made to not disturb at all.

What do you think of Nike selling a different "authentic" Inter kit than the one used by the players? Has anyone got the authentic version of the Nike Inter 22-23 home kit to approve the story? Comment below, and share images if you got the Inter 22-23 home kit in the authentic version.