Neuer Lets Fans Choose One Bayern Munich 23-24 Goalkeeper Kit

In a new approach for footballers, Manuel Neuer let fans vote on which (Adidas) Bayern Munich goalkeeper jersey he will wear in the 2023-24 season.

The voting for the Bayern Munich 23-24 goalkeeper jersey takes place in an app that the captain has launched. The application is called "Manu Interacts".

Bayern Munich 23-24 Goalkeeper Kit Vote by Manuel Neuer

The Bayern Munich 23-24 goalkeeper jersey is based on the same template as Adidas 2022 World Cup goalkeeper jersey used by Algeria, Spain, and other teams. fans can choose from five colorways - black/white, green/white, pink/yellow, red/hi-vis green, and white/light grey/purple.

It is actually no big deal

As rightly noted by Mexican kit experts Tigres Jerseys, it is not a "big deal". Fans can only choose from five generic models, and he will end up using at least three of them in the 2023-24 season.

Voting for Manuel Neuer's 2023-2024 goalkeeper kit is active only until today, October 3, 2022.

We expect the black variant to win

We expect the black and white paint job to make the race. This goalkeeper kit colorway has been popular with fans of many clubs like Liverpool and Man United.

Do you like that Manuel Neuer lets fans decide about the colorway of his Bayern Munich 2023-2024 goalkeeper jersey? Which will win? Comment below.