No More Puma - Paraguay to Sign Marathon Sports Deal

Paraguay are reportedly very close to signing a kit deal with Ecuadorian brand Marathon Sports, who will replace Puma as technical sponsor.

Paraguay to Sign Marathon Sports Kit Deal

Paraguay have been kitted out by Puma since 2020, when they signed a two year deal that they were hoping would see them represent the German brand at the World Cup at the end of this year. They failed to qualify, something which may have had a negative effect on the possibility of a renewal with Puma. Their last kits by Puma, seen above, were released in September.

Versus report that a new deal with Marathon Sports is 99% certain and that we will see the first kits from the Ecuadorian brand in early 2023. The deal is said to be more financially beneficial to Paraguay compared to their previous agreement with Puma, and they will also be supplied with more gear and equipment.

Marathon's most recent home kits for their international teams.

Marathon supply kits to several club teams in South America as well as the national teams of Bolivia, Ecuador and for another few months, Peru.

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