Adidas to Make Mexico Kits Until 2026

Update: Adidas will supply Mexico's kits for the FIFA 2026 World Cup that takes place in Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Adidas and Mexico extended their kit deal until 2026, making it almost 20 years since Adidas took over in 2007.

The contract extension between Mexico and Adidas was already announced back in September 2019, but not many outside Mexico noticed it.

Just as ever as they have been Mexico's kit maker, Adidas declined to give financial details of the negotiation.

"For Adidas Mexico it is a privilege to continue as the official sponsor of Concacaf's most successful federation until 2026," the company said in a statement.

"For the Mexican Football Federation it is a privilege to work with an institution with the experience and quality that distinguishes Adidas, the global leader in soccer," said FMF president Yon de Luisa, quoted in the statement.

Original Story: Mexico to Have New Kit Maker From After 2022 World Cup?

Will the Mexican Football Federation have a new kit supplier from 2023? Let us find out what is known about the current Adidas Mexico sponsorship deal and how likely is it that Mexico will get a new shirt manufacturer.

Current Adidas Mexico Kit Deal Expires In 2022

The current Adidas deal with the Mexican Football Federation is valid until 2022. The Adidas Mexico deal was announced on 14 July 2014, the day after the 2014 World Cup Final.

A new Adidas deal could be announced the day after the World Cup final

Since the announcement 8 years ago, there has been no new info on the Adidas Mexico kit deal.

The value and other details of the Adidas Mexico kit contract are not known. However, it is sure that Adidas' deal with Mexico is one of the brand's biggest with any national team, probably on a similar level as the deal with Italy and Spain. We think that Mexico will get around 20-25 million USD per year from Adidas.

Mexico's kits are selling approximately 1:1 with the U.S. National Team's jersey

Back in 2014, Adidas Director of Soccer for Adidas North America, Ernesto Bruce, told Forbes that the Mexico deal is one of the brand's most important. He also said that Mexico's kits are selling approximately 1:1 with the U.S. National Team's jersey.

Mexico's 2022 jersey sales outperform those of the USA in many US states. This has been revealed by, the USA's biggest soccer retailer.

Unlikely: Will Mexico Get a New Kit Supplier After The 2022 World Cup?

Mexico have had many different kit makers from the 1980s until 2007.

What is most interesting for us kit aficionados is if Mexico will get a new kit supplier in 2023.

While it is very uncommon that Mexico have a contract that expires in just a bit more than a month (at least officially), we don't think that Mexico will get a new jersey supplier.

The 2026 World Cup takes place in Canada, Mexico & the USA

In fact, the contract announcement in 2014 was announced the day after the World Cup Final. If both parties opt to act the same way as in 2014, this means that an extension of the deal would be announced on 19 December 2022.

In 2026, Mexico will co-host the FIFA World Cup. This means that Mexico are surely qualified and that the deal is worth more than ever before.

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