Brazil 2022 World Cup Squad Boots Battle - Heavy Fight Between Adidas, Nike & Puma

Brazil are one of the favorites to win the FIFA 2022 World Cup. We take a look at which brands sponsor which players of the Brazil national team, in cooperation with Football Boots DB - there is a heavy battle for leadership.

Brazil face Serbia, Switzerland, and Cameroon in the 2022 World Cup. Brazil's 2022 World Cup kits are of course made by Nike.

Nike Narrowly Lead Brazil 2022 World Cup Boots Battle

As visible on Football Boots DB's new 2022 World Cup Football Boots Overview, brands are heavily battling for supremacy in Brazil's 2022 World Cup squad.

Nike (still) leads the race with 10 playersNike lead the race with 10 players, followed by Adidas (9), and Puma (7). No other brand is present in Brazil's 26-men squad.

If we look at the latest Brazil starting XI, things look a bit different. Nike dominate here with 7 players, while Adidas and Puma both supply 2 players.

Of course, Puma have Brazil's most famous player, Neymar. They signed him in 2020 for a record £23 million per year - this is more than what Adidas pay Messi (£18 million per year) and what Nike pay Crisitoan Ronaldo (£15 million per year).

2022 World Cup Boots Battle - All 32 teams

A look at the whole 2022 World Cup football boots battle reveals that Brazil's squad is very different to the average. Nike make the soccer cleats for almost half of all players (48.6%), Adidas come second with 35.2%, and Puma come third with 12.7%.

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Has Neymar been a good deal for Puma so far? Do you think Brazil will win the 2022 World Cup? Comment below, and check out all 2022 World Cup boot statistics on Football Boots DB.