Aston Villa Update Colors

Last Thursday, Aston Villa launched their all-new club crest. The design was overall well received, even though some criticized the roundel shape. What went under the radar is that Aston Villa also updated their colors.

Aston Villa 2023 Logo Colors - Darker Claret & Blue

The new Aston Villa logo is very different from the old logo at first glance. However, the colors have been also updated.

The new Claret of Aston Villa is much darker than before, and the new Blue is also darker. That also let look both colors more saturated, even though they are not more saturated by color shades.

Yellow is much less prominent nowIndeed, both the darker Claret & Blue are more traditional for the team. Aston Villa's kits of the 1970s and 1980s featured the almost same color shade, while most recent kits had the lighter colors.

Aston Villa will also update their whole visual identityWhat is also important to note is that the new Aston Villa crest features much less yellow than before. This was also a wish of the fans.

Aston Villa so far did only show off the new crest. The club announced that the "crest redesign will now also be factored into an evolution of the rest of [their] visual identity."

Aston Villa 23-24 Concept Kits With New Crest

Different concept creators have already come up with their takes on how Aston Villa's kit could look with the new logo and color, showing off that the updated colors work well together. You can create your own Aston Villa concepts using FIFA Kit Creator.

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The Castore Aston Villa 2023-24 home shirt with the new logo and likely updated colors is set to be released in June/July 2023.

Do you like Aston Villa FC's new crest and updated colors? Comment below, and see the 23-24 Kit Overview for more 23-24 kit leaks & releases.