England & France 1998 World Cup Remake Shirts Released

Titled the 'Dreamers' collection, online retailer Cult Kits have launched a set of 1998-inspired England and France shirts.

Both shirts are closely inspired by the respective official 1998 kits, although they feature aspects that are inspired by both team's training and bench wear attire.

England 1998 'Dreamers' Away Shirt

The England 1998 Dreamers remake shirt is red with details in navy and white, featuring a collar that's as close to the original as it gets.

France 1998 'Dreamers' Home Shirt

The France jersey is a more curious case as it essentially combines a design inspired by the 1998 World Cup shirt with the collar from the Euro 1996 shirt.

Both shirts retail at £39.99 and are available through the Cult Kits website - France and England.

Are you a fan of these designs? Which of the two do you prefer? Comment below.