Fevernova Edition: Adidas x Over the Pitch Ultraboost Inspired by 2002 World Cup Ball

Adidas have teamed up with Korean creative studio Over the Pitch to create a special edition of their Ultraboost shoe inspired by the Fevernova ball from the 2002 World Cup in South Korea and Japan.

Adidas x Over the Pitch Fevernova Ultraboost DNA WC

We've seen Adidas make special football club and national team editions of some of their running shoes in the past, but their latest creation is in honour of the Fevernova ball from the 2002 World Cup. The Fevernova was a big change from the balls that came before it with its gold colouring and flame-like graphics. These aspects have been applied to the Ultraboost to mark the 20th anniversary of the ball.

Apart from the colouring of the shoe, the heel and tongue have anniversary logos and Korea wording in red. The insole contains references to the tournament, specifically the dates and cities where South Korea played all of their matches at what was their best ever World Cup performance, even if some dodgy refereeing calls did help them on their way.

The coolest details are reserved for the shoelaces, with a double hexagon Adidas and Over the Pitch shoelace charm, Korean language inscriptions on the lace tips and a Fevernova logo tag dangling from the top.

Are you a fan of the Adidas x Over the Pitch Fevernova Ultraboost DNA WC? How do they compare do some of adidas other football themed shoes? Comment below.