Kit Clash Incoming? Brazil to Wear Blue vs Cameroon's Green

Recently, a number of kit matchups for the 2022 World Cup were released by FIFA. While they are mostly as expected, Cameroon vs Brazil (Group G, December 2nd) has raised a few eyebrows.

If everything goes ahead as planned, Cameroon will wear their new green One All Sports 2022 home kit, while Brazil will wear their blue away kit.

As pointed out by Chris Chats Shirt (@ChatShirt) on Twitter, this is less than ideal. Both colors have a very similar luminosity and will likely appear very similar, especially on smaller, low-quality or black-and-white TVs.

The latter has often been mentioned as one of the reasons for FIFA more or less requiring all teams to have one predominantly dark and one predominantly light kit recently.

What's even more odd here is that Brazil could have wear their yellow home kit here. According to the official graphic, the referee will wear a yellow kit.

Do you think it will be difficult to differentiate Brazil and Cameroon's kits in this game? Comment below.