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LAFC Add Star to Logo

Following their MLS Cup win one week ago, LAFC have added a star to their logo.

Star Added to LAFC Logo

Los Angeles FC, who played their first MLS season in 2018, have now won their first MLS Cup. This means they join the selection of clubs that are allowed to feature a commemorative star above their crest.

In 2016, a system for the addition of these stars was laid out in detail by the league. As one of our users pointed out though, this system has been altered, as first time title winners immediately recieve a silver star rather than a golden one.

LAFC have added the silver star to their Twitter profile picture, similar to how it will look from the 2023 season onwards.

Up until 2018, the title defending year granted clubs a golden star, which becomes silver after not winning the MLS Cup again. A good recent example are Atlanta United, who won the MLS Cup in 2018.

What do you think of LAFC having a star above their logo? Comment below.