Puma Orbita La Liga El Clasico 22-23 Ball?

We have come across a special La Liga football for the 2022-2023 season, but there is some uncertainty about what it is.

The ball was likely changed from El Clasico to the streamlined second half of La Liga ball

The special Puma 2022-2023 La Liga football is already available to buy in many stores, including Unisport, Zalando, 11teamsports, and a few more. Some stores call them "Puma La Liga Orbita El Clasico" ball, while Unisport sell them as "Puma La Liga 1 Adrenalina".

Early images have a special El Clasico logo on the upper, but this apparently has been changed last minute. The upper of the yellow 2022-2023 La Liga Official Match Ball now only features the general text "Balón Oficial de LaLiga Temporada 2022-2023". This is an indicator that it has either become the match ball for the second half of the 2022-2023 season, or a ball for special matches.

Indeed, the special yellow Puma Orbita 22-23 La Liga "El Clasico" Ball was not used in the first Clásico of the season. We expect that it has become the match ball for the second half of the 2022-2023 season (to be used from January 2023).

Yellow Puma Orbita La Liga Official Match Ball - Yellow/Multicolor

The yellow Puma Orbita La Liga has a modern and eye-catching design. It combines a fluo-yellow base with striking red and blue graphic elements. All logos are mainly white.

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Tech-wise, the Puma Orbita La Liga El Clasico is the same as the standard Orbita and the white La Liga 22-23 Orbita football. The Puma Orbita is made to fly perfectly, similar to Nike footballs. It has a new 12-panel concept with equal-sized and uniform panels. The ball was molded with high-frequency technology.

Yellow Puma Orbita La Liga Adrenalina/El Clasico Official Match Ball - Features

  • Originally called 'El Clasico' - Now Most likely to be used in the second half of 2022-23 season
  • FIFA Quality Pro: High-End Match Ball
  • Technique: Ball molded with high-frequency technology for excellent dimensional stability, resistance and reduced water absorption as well as a soft ball feel.
  • Panel Construction: New 12-panel concept: equal-sized and uniform panels for perfectly balanced weight and flight behavior; enlarged and deep seams for a positive effect on aerodynamics.
  • Surface: Three-dimensional and 1,2mm thick PU surface for more durability and better aerodynamics.
  • Innovation: Innovative POE foam for firm grip, improved rebound characteristics, and explosive power.
  • Materials: 30% PU, 30% Synthetic Rubber (POE) Foam, 30% Synthetic Rubber, 10% polyester
  • Price: 135 Euro
  • Release Date: November 2022

The yellow Puma Orbita La Liga Official Match Ball has a retail price of 135 Euro.

Do you like the yellow 2022-2023 La Liga ball? Do you think we will see used by all teams or only in the second 22-23 La Liga El Clásico? Comment below.