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15 Teams to Only Use Home Kit in 2022 World Cup Group Stage

The 2022 World Cup has just begun, but we already know all of the player kits we will see in the group stage. This gives some interesting insight into which kits we will and we won't see in the first 48 matches.

Many shirts will never be worn in the 2022 World Cup

The 2022 World Cup group stage makes up the majority of the 2022 World Cup in terms of the number of matches played. 48 (75%) of all 2022 World Cup games are group stage matches - this also means that very many shirts won't be worn.

2022 World Cup Kit Matchups - Teams That Only Use Home Kits

In the 2022 World Cup group stage, 15 teams will only use their home kit - Belgium, Cameroon, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Ghana, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Senegal, South Korea, Spain & Wales.

There will be many interesting kit combos

However, most of these teams will wear different shirt-shorts-socks combos. This is set to provide some interesting variety. For example, Germany will wear all-white, Spain all-red, and Mexico green-green-red.

2022 World Cup Kit Matchups - Tunisia Only Team to Use Away Kit Only

Meanwhile, only one team will wear only their away kit - Tunisia. Quite oddly, in the match between Tunisia and Australia, both teams will wear their away kit.

16 nations will use both their home and away kits in the 2022 World Cup Group Stage. This includes Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Costa Rica, and many more.

Do you like that we will see many teams only wearing their home kit? Which kit matchup is the best? Comment below.