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Tribute to Pele: Santos to Add Crown to Club Crest

Santos will update their club crest by adding a crown to the top of it in a tribute to their legendary ex-player, Pele.

Santos to Update Crest

A small update will be made to Santos' crest in 2023, when a crown will be placed above it. The change will be permanent and is an homage to their one club man and greatest ever player, Pele.

Santos' crest featuring the crown on their 2019 shirts.

In 2019 Santos added a crown above their badge temporarily to celebrate Pele's 79th birthday, but it was removed at the end of the season. This time, the change has been written into the club Articles of Incorporation, meaning the crown will be an official element of the club badge, so it can also be applied to older versions in the event that a retro crest is used on their shirts in the future.

Judging by the amount of photos online of the man himself wearing various crowns, Pele will surely be pleased to be honoured with such a gesture.

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