Santos To Add Crown To Gold Kit In Honor Of Pelé

Last year, legendary Brazilian club Santos released a golden kit, in honor of the second world championship won in 1962 and 1963. Now it has been revealed that Santos is set to pay homage to the club's most famous player, Pelé.

Santos To Add Gold Crown For O Rei (The King) Pelé

According to UOL Esporte, the club is studying to add a crown to the crest printed on this shirt, as a way to honor the possibly greatest player of all time. Pelé is known as O Rei (The King).

The idea originates from José Carlos Peres, the current president of the club. If the crown is accepted by Santos' Deliberative Council (since any change in the shield is vetoed by the statute of the club, with the exception of commemorative editions), the crown will be added to the kit. UOL showed a prototype of how the shirt would look like.

"It is a will that I have had for many years. I think every team in the world that wears crowns today is because they are in a country under the monarchy, which has a reign. And Santos is the only team in the world where a king has played football. So that's emblematic. It's the King of Soccer, and we have to keep it on our shirts," Peres told the newspaper "A Tribuna" in August of last year.

What do you think about Santos adding a crown to its third shirt in honor of King Pelé? Let us know in the comments below.