Adidas Argentina 3-Star Kit Released - Again Sold Out Within Minutes in Argentina

Update - January 5 As noted by Marca de Gol, more limited stock of the highly coveted Argentina 3 Stars jersey went on sale in Argentina yesterday. Unfortunately, it's once again quickly sold out and the message on the Adidas online store just reads "Available soon" again.

Update - December 28: The launch of the Adidas Argentina 3-Star jersey has been postponed to April 2023.

Insane: Adidas Postpone Release of Argentina 3-Star Kit to April 2023

Update: As announced by Adidas some days ago, the Adidas Argentina 3-Star home jersey went on sale on Adidas' Argentina website today, December 26, 2022. It sold out within minutes. In Europe (on Adidas' European websites), the first batch will be launched on December 28, 2022.

Very Limited? Adidas Argentina 3-Star Kits to Be Launched December 28

At this initial stage, the first batch of available jerseys was sold out. The stock will be replenished during this week and throughout the following weeks, intensifying its availability during the months of January and February, also in the e-commerce of Adidas Argentina", explained Adidas Argentina.

Adidas also displayed the Argentina 3-Star jersey in their official stores, but only as a promotion, without having it in stock for sale.

December 19: Adidas Argentina 2022 World Cup Winners 3-Star Kit Released

Argentina won their third World Cup title this evening. This also means that they have earned the third star.

The Adidas Argentina 3-Star kit was worn by no other than Lionel Messi during celebrations of the 2022 World Cup title.

Argentina 2022-2023 3-Star Kit

This is the new Adidas Argentina 3-Star football shirt.

The Adidas Argentina 2022 3-Star shirt is the same as the 2022 World Cup kit with two important differences - first, a third star has been added on top of the existing two. Second, the gold FIFA World Cup badge is in the center.

All other elements of the 3-Star Argentina jersey are the same as those of the regular 2022 World Cup kits.

The delivery could take time until April 2023The Adidas Argentina 2022 3-Star football shirt is not available to buy yet. Indeed, US soccer retailer offer the shirt but with delivery in April 2023.

Adidas Argentina 2022 World Cup Title Collection

Adidas also released a special collection to celebrate Argentina's third World Cup title. It comes with the Adidas logo in Argentina's colors, three golden stars, and a golden Argentina logo.

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