Surprise: Adidas Argentina 3-Star Kit to Be Available January 2023 in the USA

Update: There are unexpected good news for football fans from the United States. The Adidas Argentina 3-Star football kit will be already available on Thursday, January 12, 2023, via the official Adidas app in the USA. In Europe, the launch date is still Thursday, April 13, 2023.

Argentina 3-Star Kit to Be Available April 13 2022
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Probably not many shirts available - we expect them to be sold out within minutes

It is not known how many shirts will go on sale via the Adidas app in the USA, but we expect them to be sold very quickly.

Out of big surprise, Adidas have quietly changed the launch date of the Argentina 3-Star 2022 World Cup jersey.

Argentina 3-Star Kit to Be Available April 13 2022

The official Adidas website states that the Argentina 3-Star jersey will be "Available Thursday, April 13th at 10:00 am". This is almost four months later than announced some days ago.

Postponed by Almost 4 Months: 28 January was the original release date

Originally, Adidas announced on their website that the first batch of Argentina 3-Star jerseys would be launched on Wednesday, 28 December 2022, in Europe.

The reasons why Adidas postponed the launch until April 2023 are not known. It seems probable that the Three Stripes brand decided to not launch small batches for batches but to have enough in stock for the high demand.

In our opinion, Adidas' announcement is a big downside for both the fans and the company. Fans won't be able to get official 3-Star kits until April 2023, and Adidas will lose out on a lot of profit.

Former Puma CEO Gulden will become Adidas CEO on January 1, 2023

If we look at the bigger picture, this also confirms that things have not run optimally at Adidas in the past few years. Their long-term CEO Kasper Rorsterd will leave the company in a few days, mainly because he did not manage to make a turnaround of Adidas' bad run. From January 1, 2023, former (until November 2022) Puma CEO Björn Gulden will become CEO of Adidas.

For those already looking forward to April. The release of the Argentina 3-Star jersey "is available exclusively via the Adidas app". We can reveal that independent retailers will sell it as well, possibly on the same date.

Argentina 3-Star Kit to Be Available April 13 2022
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Are you also totally surprised by Adidas' announcement of the postponed launch? Comment below.