Adidas Launch X Speedportal 2022 World Cup Boots Candle

Adidas have recently launched their World Cup 'Yard Sale', featuring a range of unique products not available anywhere else.

The products were shown off on CG videos on the Adidas social channels throughout the World Cup and are available via the Adidas app.

The first product to be released this way is a candle in the shape of the X Speedportal+ boots, worn by the likes of Álvaro Morata and Rafael Leão. The candle is all-white and appears to be very accurate to the boots it's based on.

Only one of the candles will be available to users of the Adidas app, and the same applies to all other pieces.

For this one-of-a-kind virtual home clear-out we're giving away unique FIFA World Cup™ collectables to our adiClub fan community, because that's what families are for. Our hand-picked treasure-trove of footballing items will be available on a first-come-first-served basis to winners of a members-only raffle. - via Adidas Yard Sale

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