Adidas x Parley 2023 Boots Pack Released - Worn by Bellingham, Mapi León & Pedri

Confirming our leaks, Adidas today released a special-edition football boots collection in cooperation with Parley. It includes all three Adidas x Parley football boot silos - the Copa, Predator, and X.

Adidas and Parley have been together since 2015. Parley are an organization that address environmental threats to the oceans, through plastic pollution.

Only the Predator and X arrive in laceless editions

Recently, there have been reports that Adidas are lying about how much Parley Ocean Plastic is used. Many products apparently did not feature Parley Ocean Plastic at all. Adidas have not said if they remedied the problems yet but we don't think that they have already done it for the new collection - Adidas did not announce how many Parley Ocean plastic they feature...

The Adidas Parley Predator football boots have been already debuted by Bellingham and will be also worn by Barcelona's Pedri and Mapi León, who were part of the launch.

Adidas x Parley 2023 "Sustainability Pack" Football Boots Collection

The new Adidas x Parley 2023 "Sustainability Pack" football boots collection brings us special colorways for the Copa Pure, Predator Accuracy, and X Speedportal. The Adidas x Parley soccer cleats introduce a clean and understated design in the typical colors of Adidas x Parley cooperations.

Tech-wise, the boots of the Adidas x Parley "Sustainability Pack" are "the first ever to be made in part with Parley Ocean Plastic".

The Adidas x Parley collection includes laceless editions for the Predator and X, while there is no laceless variant of the Copa yet.

adidas Parley Copa Pure.1 - White / Grey Two / Preloved Blue

Check out the new adidas Copa Pure boots below.

The Adidas Copa Pure Parley edition boots are predominantly white with logos and details in teal. The official colorway is "White / Grey Two / Preloved Blue".

Adidas x Parley Predator Accuracy "Sustainability" -White / Grey Two / Preloved Blue

The Adidas Predator Accuracy+ Parley football boots are predominantly white with the collar and heel part being colored in turquoise. Similar to the other boots from the collection, a subtle turquoise line pattern covers the white bits of the upper. The 3 Stripes are applied in a subtle, shiny way.

Adidas X Speedportal - Preloved Blue / White / White

The Adidas Parley X Speedportal football boots introduce a clean design in predominantly white with detailing in blue.

The Adidas x Parley football boots collection launched on 15 March 2023.

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