Report: Adidas Authentic 2022 World Cup Kits Feature 0% Parley Ocean Plastic - Parley to End Cooperation?

Adidas are lying about the origin of the recycled plastic used for the authentic 2022 World Cup kits. This has been revealed by German newspapers Die Zeit & Flip.

Adidas' mission for Planet Blue began some years ago. Since 2015, Adidas' has been cooperating with the environmental organization Parley for clothing and footwear

made with recycled plastic

Adidas 2022 World Cup Authentic Jerseys Apparently Feature 0% Parley Ocean Plastic

"Made with Parley Ocean Plastic" is featured on the neckline of the authentic 2022 World Cup jerseys.

According to Adidas, the authentic Adidas 2022 World Cup shirts are made of yarn that contains 50% Parley Ocean Plastic. However, the research reveals that this is a lie.

Parley founder Gutsch might end the partnership

The German journalists were sent documents that raised doubts over the origin of the Ocean Plastic used for the authentic 2022 World Cup shirts. When researching, the whole story of Adidas' kits made from Parley Ocean Plastic imploded.

When confronted with the research, Adidas said that the recycled materials used for the authentic Adidas 2022 World Cup "come exclusively from beaches and coastal regions in Thailand." But Parley do not operate in Thailand at all. This means that not a single percent of the material used for the authentic Adidas 2022 is made from Parley Ocean Plastic.

All the recycled plastic is from Thailand, but Parley is not active in Thailand

Parley founder Cyrill Gutsch was also confronted with the research. He reacted like this: "That's completely new to me now." Then, "That's adventurous." He said Parley had done initial tests in Thailand but were not operational there.

Adidas' kits are also anything but environmentally friendly

Cyrill Gutsch: "For us, it's extremely important that we know exactly how the yarn is composed. Because our name is on it, plain and simple. And we don't have anything else except our name. That's all we have." At the end of the day, he said, you just never know with big companies. "If the allegations are true, I will have to insist on the resignation of the responsible executives at Adidas to continue the partnership," Gutsch says. "Otherwise, I'll have to question the contract."

Adidas 2022 World Cup Kit Apparently Lose Microplastics to a High Degree During Washing

The media report also reveals that the authentic Adidas 2022 World Cup shirts are anything but environmentally friendly. A shirt sheds an average of 68,000 fibers during the first five washes.

"That's really impressively bad," said Elke Fischer, head of the Microplastics Research Group at the University of Hamburg: "These fibers end up with the wastewater from our washing machines in the sewage treatment plants, which are unable to filter it all out. So it goes directly into our oceans via the rivers."

Not Made From Parley Ocean Plastic. What do you think of Adidas lying about the origin of the materials used for the authentic kits? Do you think Parley will end the partnership? Comment below.