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Update: Adidas/Nike to Release Argentina/France 3 Stars Kit In Case of 2022 World Cup Title?

Update: With France having reached the 2022 World Cup final, we have also imagined how the France 2022 3-Star kit could look. It is not out of the question that a third star could also be added above the respective two stars of each country.

Argentina & France 2022 World Cup Kits With 3 Stars

Original picture via Footpack

Argentina & France 2022 World Cup Kits With 3 Stars - Options

France 2022 World Cup vs Possible 3-Star Kits

Original Article: Adidas to Release Argentina 3 Stars Kit If Argentina Win 2022 World Cup?

On Sunday, the 2022 FIFA World Cup final will take place. South American giants Argentina have reached the final with a safe 3-0 victory against Croatia - if Argentina gain their third star on Sunday, will it be possible to buy a kit with 3 stars?

Most Argentina kits are already sold out

Currently, all Adidas Argentina 2022 World Cup kits with Messi printing are sold out. Other versions of the Adidas Argentina 2022 kits are also unavailable due to the high demand.

Adidas to Release Argentina 3-Star Home Kit Directly After Possible World Cup Title?

It is not known what plans Adidas have in the case that Argentina win the title. There are apparently two options - the Three Stripes could add a third star above the existing two stars, or release a new kit with three stars next together.

Argentina 3 Stars Mock-Up #1 - New Kit With 3 Stars Next Together (Most Probable)

Argentina 3 Stars Mock-Up #2 - Current Kit With 1 Star on Top (Not Probable)

2014 - Adidas Pre-Produce New 5,000 Germany Kits With 4 Stars Next Together

In 2014, when Germany won the World Cup and their fourth star, Adidas did not place a fourth star above the three stars but release new 4-Star Germany kits. 5000 kits with the fourth star were available to buy directly after the final. Adidas pre-produced 5000 kits before the final.

2018 - Nike Reveal New France 2-Star Minutes After Triumph, More Than One Month Until It Becomes Available

In 2018, when France gained their second star, Nike did also release a new France kit instead of a 2-star makeshift jersey. The France 2 Star jersey was revealed just minutes after France won the final. However, it then took more than a month until the France 2 Star kit was available to buy.

Morocco could gain their first star, making things easy for Puma

If Morocco win the 2022 World Cup, things would be very easy for Puma. The first star could be simply added above the crest.

Of course, the 2022 World Cup champions will also gain the gold 2022 World Cup winners badge. France could keep their gold badge, just with 2022 instead of 2018. This would mean that they have had the gold badge for at least 8 years.

Would you like Adidas to add the third star above the existing two if Argentina win the title? Comment below.