This is Bad: Argentine Football Association Update Logos, but They Are Different From Those of Adidas

The Argentine Football Association (AFA) have updated their visual identity following the country's third FIFA World Cup triumph, but some inconsistencies exist. Thanks to Paladar Negro for the pictures.

AFA (Argentine Football Association) 3-Star Logo

The new visual identity of the AFA does not only bring us one new logo but several different logotypes. In total, there are three different logotypes.

AFA 3-Star Logo - Institution

The first logo is the one of the institution. it is made to represent the AFA on their website, social media, and other documents but is not meant for the kits.

"No World Cup triumph is more important than another": Argentines don't like that the third star is bigger than the others

What has changed from the previous design is the third star. The third star has been added in the middle. Oddly, the third star is bigger than the other two, which was hated by many Argentines. They say that no World Cup is more important than another, and there are very good arguments for their position.

AFA 3-Star Logo - 'Clothing'

The second, and possibly most important, is the national football team logo. It comes without any 3D effects, simplified laurel wreaths, and other changes.

The third star in the middle is also bigger here. This also stands in contrast to Adidas' 3-star Argentina logo.

AFA 3-Star Logo - Icon

The third logo is less known and not used very often. It just comes with the AFA text and three stars on the top. What is inconsistent here is that the AFA text is thicker than in the "Clothing" logo. it has the same size as the logo of the Institution.

Institution vs "Equipment"

There are too many inconsistencies and too many different versions

New AFA 3-Star Logos - What Fans Criticize

  • The added star is bigger, but "the 2022 World Cup title is not more important than the other two"
  • Too many slightly different versions
  • Different from the one used by Adidas

Many Argentine football fans have criticized quite a few things about the new AFA branding, and many demand a whole rebrand.

Three at least suboptimal things stand out. the added third star is bigger than the other two, there are too many different versions, and Adidas use a different 3-star logo for the Argentina kit.

Is a whole rebrand of the AFA logo needed? What do you think of the different logos of the Argentine Football Association? Let us know in the comments below.