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Exclusive: Bayern München 23-24 Home Kit to Be "Reverse Arsenal"

After weeks of uncertainty, we can finally confirm how the Bayern Munich 2023-2024 home kit will look.

In late November 2022, we leaked that the Bayern Munich 23-24 home kit could feature a revolutionary look - a white body and red sleeves.

White With Red Sleeves - Bayern Munich 23-24 Home Kit to Have "Reverse Arsenal" Style

Arsenal and Bayern 23-24 Home Kit Predictions.

The Bayern Munich 23-24 home kit is "like reverse Arsenal", we have been told by a reliable source. This means that it is mainly white with red sleeves.

The exact look of the Bayern Munich 23-24 home kit is not known yet, but our prediction should give a good impression of the shirt.

Only Arsenal will get gold logos

What is different from the Arsenal 23-24 kit is the color of the logos. Arsenal's 2023-2024 home kit has gold logos, while Bayern's has red ones.

It is the first time in history that Bayern Munich get a mainly white home kit.

A mainly white kit is not against the club's kit rules

Interestingly, a mainly white Bayern Munich home kit is not against the red-white-only kit rule of the club. The red-white-only rule was introduced in 2018 following fan criticism.

Since 2018, "only the traditional club colors of red and white will be used for the main playing kit, consisting of jersey, shorts, and socks (so-called home kit)".

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The Adidas FC Bayern 2023-24 home football shirt launches in mid-May 2023, while the Arsenal 23-24 home kit should be released just a few weeks later.

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What do you think of Bayern getting a reverse Arsenal style? Let us know in the comments below, and see the 23-24 Kit Overview for 23-24 jersey leaks.