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Google It: Napoli Use Top Image Search Results to Design Christmas Kit

Napoli's Christmas kit was designed by Googling the word "reindeer" and applying two of the top four images to the shirt.

Napoli Use Google Image Search to Design Christmas Kit

Since partnering with EA7, Napoli have drawn a lot of criticism for launching a huge number of kits each season. Last year, they released 13 in total, including a Halloween shirt. The Halloween edition made a return this season and they added a new festive number, the Christmas shirt.

One of, if not the most divisive of all their EA7 shirts, the Christmas kit has a cartoonish reindeer on the front and some additional red trim on the cuffs and collar. Thanks to twitter user @Cinematic_RaFF0, we know that the design work involved was absolutely minimal. He discovered that the reindeer image used on the shirt is merely a combination of the third and fourth results provided by Google when you search "reindeer png".

Some brands receive criticism for overuse of templates and a perceived lack of creativity, but this is a new low in that regard. They didn't even scroll further than the first line of results. Napoli President Aurelio Di Laurentiis stated in the summer that the club could have 13 kits again this season, and it seems as though they've committed to releasing that amount of shirts without necessarily having enough ideas in mind.

Launching any kind of Christmas jersey (let alone 13 kits in the space of 9 months) is hard to justify, and putting close to zero effort into the design process then charging €125 for the final product adds insult to injury. As unpopular as many of EA7's designs for Napoli have been so far, they can only get better from here, both in terms of overall aesthetic and creative input.

What do you think of Napoli using Google image search results to create their Christmas kit? Comment below.