Marc Cucurella Wears Mismatched Boots vs Bournemouth

Marc Cucurella played a large part of Chelsea's game against Bournemouth in mismatched boots on Tuesday after a tackle ripped open one of the boots he started with.

Cucurella Wears Odd Boots vs Bournemouth

Marc Cucurella lined out against Bournemouth on Tuesday wearing a red and gold pair of Puma Ultra Ultimate, but come full time that situation had changed. Around the hour mark, his left boot flew off after a tackle and when he went to retrieve it he saw it had been ripped clean open and was unusable.

After gesturing to the bench, a member of Chelsea's staff went to the changing room and came back with a silver and orange Puma Ultra 1.4 boot for Cucurella, who then played the remainder of the match in oddly coloured footwear. The look stood out on the pitch, but funnily enough his sponsor, Puma, have a history of releasing intentionally odd-coloured boots as part of their "Tricks" ranges.

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