WOW: Gavi Wears AG Plate for Right Boot and FG for Left Boot

Spanish international Gavi has started another strange thing with his soccer boots.

Gavi is also famous for wearing his boots untied

Until December 2022, Gavi has been only known for wearing his football boots untied (because he doesn't/didn't know how to lace them properly). Now images show off that he has started another extremely uncommon thing. This has been first spotted by Spanish football store and boot experts Fútbol Emotion.

Gavi Mixes AG & FG Nike Phantom GT 2 Football Boots

Gavi chooses to wear the right shoe that comes with an artificial grass outsole (AG-Pro), while the left side comes with a firm ground grass outsole (FG).

No mistake: Gavi wore that combo in every World Cup match

Gavi has used the button set on each side like this for all 3 games in the group stage. Some weeks ago, with FC Barcelona. Gav used the FG button on both sides as usual (observed by Thai boot experts UnderStats).

The reason why Gavi wears AG and FG at the same time is not known. However, one thing seems most reasonable.

The FG offer better traction for the support leg (left shoe)

As Gavi is right-footed, he probably wants perfect traction for the support leg (left shoe), while agility seems to be more important for the right foot.

What do you think the reasons are for Gavi to wear FG and AG boots simultaneously? Comment below.