Adidas Costa Rica 2023 Concept Kits

With the release of Costa Rica's 2023 Adidas kits around the corner, we decided to take a look at what they might look like. This involved using the current Adidas World Cup templates and transforming them into something Costa Rica could realistically receive from Adidas.

Adidas 2023 Costa Rica Concepts Kits
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These concepts were created using Fifa Kit Creator.

Adidas 2023 Costa Rica Concepts Kits


For the home shirt we decided to use the recent Adidas template which has the version of the collar with a 'V' filling in a section at the front.

Of course a red base was chosen, as anything else would not represent Costa Rica properly. We expect to see both white and blue accent colors, in this case applying white for the Adidas branding and blue around the collar.

In terms of bespoke graphics, we are uncertain if Costa Rica are at a high enough tier in Adidas' football pyramid of clubs and national teams for such treatment. Examples like Bosnia in 2022 prove the Three Stripes are willing to provide interesting designs to smaller partners as well.


For Costa Rica's away shirt concept, we again used the current Adidas template, this time with the V-neck collar. A simple white base is combined with red Adidas stripes and sleeve cuff detailing.

Blue is added in the form of the Adidas logo and elements surrounding the red collar.

The stripe down each side and along the back at the hem is red, while the panels on the back come in blue.

Adidas 2023 Costa Rica Concepts Kits
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What do you think of these concept kits for Adidas Costa Rica jerseys? Do you expect something completely different from the German brand? Comment below.