Costa Rica To Sign Adidas Deal?

It has been rumored recently that the Costa Rican national team will be leaving New Balance in the near future. The current partnership with NB began in 2015, spanning the 2018 World Cup and probably the 2022 World Cup as well.

New Costa Rica Logo Unveiled

Costa Rica Could Sign With Adidas

There has been some talk about Costa Rica potentially joining Adidas, although it is hard to know how much truth there is to this claim. It is reasonable to expect that New Balance will still be producing Costa Rica's jerseys for the 2022 World Cup this winter.

Costa Rica are the only nation at the next World Cup that are currently sponsored by New Balance

Costa Rica are of course the only nation at the next FIFA World Cup that are currently sponsored by New Balance.

After the major tournament, Adidas will apparently take over from the American company. This would see them gain two North/Central American teams in 2023 after it was leaked they would be supplying Jamaica soon.

Leaked: Adidas to Sign Jamaica Kit Deal

In Mexico the German brand have a major powerhouse from North America along with multiple South American nations currently under contract with or set to join Adidas as well.

Adidas Dominate South American Clubs & National Teams

What do you think of this rumored kit deal? Would you like to see Costa Rica play in Adidas kits? Comment below.