Mainz 05 Extend Shirt Sponsor Deal With Kömmerling Until 2027

Bundesliga outfit Mainz 05 have extended their collaboration with Profine GmbH’s renowned brand, Kömmerling, for another three years.

Kömmerling is a company under profine Gmbh's umbrella, that manufacture windows and doors which also resides in Pirmasens, an area near Mainz.

Mainz and Kömmerling Signed an Early Extension Until 2027

This new deal means that the Zerofivers will continue to don Kömmerling as their main shirt sponsor until 2027. It’s actually an early contract extension as their initial deal supposedly lasted until 2024.

The agreement also seals a 13-year partnership between Mainz and Kömmerling, which became the club’s main shirt sponsor in 2015, replacing Entega. Profine GmbH have actually started their partnership with the Bundesliga side in 2014 but it wasn’t until the next year that the company’s brand, Kömmerling were the main shirt sponsor.

Our partnership with KÖMMERLING has been defined by a mutual appreciation from both parties since the very beginning

Explaining the contract extension, Mainz’s chairman, Stefan Hofmann, agreeing to an early deal is simply what both parties wanted all along. “Our partnership with KÖMMERLING has been defined by a mutual appreciation from both parties since the very beginning, and this relationship has only grown stronger over the years,” Hofmann stated.

Meanwhile, Profine GmbH’s managing director, Dr. Peter Mrosik also revealed that the company choose to continue their partnership with the Bundesliga outfit due to their similar values. “This brand philosophy fits hand in hand with the values of 1. FSV Mainz 05 as a leader in carbon neutrality, as well as with their various initiatives in the field of social responsibility,” Mrosik explained.

Mainz Shirt History With Kömmerling

In the past, there were talks that some fans are not fond of the look of Kommerling as Mainz’s main shirt sponsor. However, it looks like that didn’t bother the club as they now continue their collaboration until 2027.

Kömmerling-Mainz 05 Deal - Fact Sheet

  • Duration: 3 years (2024 until 2027)
  • Previous Extension: In 2021 (Extending their 2023 deal to 2024)
  • Previous Shirt Sponsor: Entega (partnership lasted for six years from 2009-10 to 2014-15)
  • Kömmerling started as Mainz's main shirt sponsor in 2015 but the club's partnership with Profine GmbH begin in 2014

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