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What Mainz 05 Fans Do Not Like About Shirt Sponsor - Contract Extended Until 2024

There is news regarding German Bundesliga club Mainz 05, as their shirt sponsor, Kömmerling, recently agreed on a new contract lasting until 2024. Kömmerling is a company that produces windows, based in Pirmasens, which is near Mainz.

Contract Until 30 June 2024

Kömmerling, who previously had their contract renewed until 2023 back in 2019, have now signed another deal, guaranteeing them a spot on Mainz's jerseys until at least July of 2024.

This means Kömmerling will become Mainz's record shirt sponsor, surpassing their predecessors Entega, who were on the jerseys for six years. Kömmerling replaced Entega back in 2015, so by the end of the new contract, the window-making company will have been Mainz's shirt sponsor for nine full seasons.

Apparently, the old arrangement with Kömmerling was worth around 4 million Euros a year for Mainz 05, however, no details are known about how much the new deal is valued at.

Criticism Regarding the Look

It should also be mentioned that among many of Mainz's fans as well as neutral on-lookers, the asthetic of the Kömmerling logo and writing on the jerseys leaves something to be desired.

What is often criticized is the lack of adjustment of colors and shape, which would help it match with the shirt design. Only one shirt has featured a monochrome version of the Kömmerling logo before. Every other jersey has had the blue and white square with either black or white writing underneath.

There are very few other sponsors in the Bundesliga who always maintain their own logo colors, namely SC Freiburg's Schwarzwaldmilch and RB Leipzig's Red Bull.

Another justified criticism is that the logo is simply placed too high up on the jersey, this becomes especially noticeable when comparing Mainz's shirts to those of other clubs. This higher placement however seems to be down to Kappa, who started manufacturing Mainz 05's kits in 2020-21, since this issue did not occur with Lotto.

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What do you think of Kömmerling as a shirt sponsor? Do you think they could adjust their logo to better suit Mainz 05's jerseys? Comment below.