Malaysian Club Copy AC Milan's "Worst Ever Kit"

Malaysian club FC Terengganu have released a copycat version of AC Milan's Puma x Nemen special edition kit from last season.

FC Terengganu Copy Milan Puma x Nemen Shirt

Milan were involved in one of the worst-received kit collaborations of the season last year when Puma partnered with fashion brand Nemen for a unique and unexpected look. While it wasn't everyone's cup of tea, it apparently had some admirers in Malaysia. FC Terengganu recently played in a kit with an almost identical design, swapping only the red stripes for turqoise ones. Check it out below.

FC Terengganu 2023 Pre-season Kit

This is the new Umbro FC Terengganu pre-season shirt for 2023.

The Umbro FC Terengganu 2023 pre-season jersey has turquoise and black stripes in the mid section of the shirt, while the top and bottom parts are white.

The border between the coloured and white sections gives the appearance that the striped jersey has been painted over. White shorts and socks round off the look of the new FC Terengganu 2023 pre-season uniform by Umbro.

The font on the back of the shirts is also the same as Chelsea's font from the 19-20 season, with the Chelsea crest at the base of the numbers swapped out of course.

FC Terengganu seem to keep a keen eye on the Milan clubs. Last year their keeper shirt took the bright colours from Inter's away shirt and rearranged them in a different pattern.

Made by Umbro. Do you like FC Terengganu's pre-season kit? Comment below.