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Adidas "Nightstrike" 2023 Blackout Boots Pack Leaked

Adidas are set to release a blackout football boots collection very soon. Called the Adidas "Nightstrike" pack and to be launched on 1 February 2023, it brings us stealthy colorways for the Copa, Predator, and Adidas X.

Leaked: Adidas to Release 3 Boot Packs At Once

Indeed, Adidas already released the "Nightstrike" edition of the next-generation Adidas Copa Pure football boots alongside the brand's two other first 2023 football boot packs. So only the Predator and X are leaks.

Adidas "Nightstrike" 2023 Blackout Football Boots Collection

The Adidas 2023 "Nightstrike" blackout football boots pack is no departure from the usual blackout packs that Adidas releases. Far from that, it is totally classic with only black being used for the whole upper.

As usual, the Nightstrike pack is not to be worn by the best players in the world, it is still sure to be popular among fans and players alike. The pack's classic design is sure to appeal to those who appreciate timeless style and simplicity, but you could also describe it as uninspired.

Adidas Copa Pure Blackout Soccer Boots - Nightstrike Pack - Core Black / Core Black / Core Black

The blackout edition of the next-generation Adidas Copa Pure 2023 soccer cleats is Triple Black - not a single other color than black.

Adidas Predator Accuracy "Nightstrike" Black Pack - Black/Black/White

Here are the new Adidas 'Black Pack' Predator Accuracy soccer cleats.

The Adidas Predator Accuracy football boots from the "Nightstrike" Black Pack pack have a stealth look without any colorful details. They are black/anthracite with logos only visible due to reflection

Adidas X Speedportal+ "Nightstrike" - Black/Black/White

Like the other cleats of the collection, the black/black/white Adidas X Speedportal "Nightstrike" football boots have a stealth look without any colorful elements.

The Adidas Copa Pure "Nightstrike" football boot of the collection is already available to buy. The Adidas Predator Accuracy and Adidas X Speedportal "Nightstrike" cleats launch on 1 February 2023.

Would you like these to be worn by Adidas' best players? Do you like the Adidas 2023 "Nightstrike" blackout football boots collection? Let us know in the comments below.