Russian Company Want to Replace Adidas as Russia Kit Maker

In early January 2023, it was revealed that the Russian Football Union (RFU) are looking to domestic manufacturers to provide new uniforms following the end of their partnership with Adidas. Now the Russian sportswear manufacturer called Zasport have expressed their willingness to work with the RFU.

Zasport have strong connections to the government, apparentlyThe story was revealed via the state-owned TASS Russian News Agency, which makes it likely that it could soon be official.

Zasport to Become Russia Kit Maker

The CEO of Zasport, Vitaly Tsygankov, has stated that the company are "ready to cooperate" and meet the RFU's needs. He also told TASS that Zasport are "ready to hold talks in the near future".

Zasport supplied Russia for the 2018 Olympics

The Russian sportswear company Zasport have supplied the uniforms for Russian athletes at the Olympic Games. They have never made any official club or national team football kits to our knowledge.

Zasport are a manufacturer of sportswear, apparently having close connections to the Russian government. Along with many items that would fit a global market, they also sell a Crimea t-shirt.

Russia are excluded from all official competitions

Russia have already been excluded from the qualifying process for the men's Euro 2024.

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