LEAKED: Adidas to Release Half and Half Training Style for Arsenal in 23-24 Season

Update: We can leak the first official pictures of the half-and-half Arsenal 23-24 training collection. It launches in May/June 2023.

Adidas won't release an Arsenal kit with a similar style

We will see no Arsenal match kit with a similar half-and-half style in the 2023-2024 season.

Arsenal 23-24 Training Kit

Check out Adidas' Arsenal FC 2023-24 training item below.

The Adidas Arsenal 23-24 training shirt has a colorway that is anything but traditional. It is mainly black, combined with blue and yellow.

What makes the Adidas Arsenal FC 2023-2024 training football shirt unique is the half-and-half style. The right side is blue, the left side is yellow.

For the Fly Emirates logo, yellow is the most probable color to be used, even though it could also be white.

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The Adidas Arsenal FC 2023-24 training jersey is available to purchase from around June 2023.

Arsenal 23-24 Training Shirt - Early Leak (February 2023) - Final Kit Has Electricity Yellow

Arsenal 23-24 Away Kit Info Leaked

Made by Adidas. What's your opinion on Arsenal FC's training shirt? Would you like to see a kit with this design? Comment below, and check out the 23-24 Kit Overview for all the 2023-24 kit information.