'Black/White/Red' Adidas Predator Accuracy 'OG' 2023 Concepts Boots

Adidas yesterday launched the next-generation Predator Accuracy boots in a wild 'Black/White/Team Shock Pink' colorway. Should have Adidas opted for the iconic 'OG' black/red/white colorway? Thanks to @hendofc for the idea for the article.

This is a mock-up based on the official Adidas x Pedri x Predator transfer picture

Adidas Predator Accuracy 'Original' Concept - Black/White/Red

For the Adidas Predator Accuracy 'Black/White/Red' football boots, Adidas would have just needed to swap the pink for red. The result is a visual that could be directly from the Predators from more than 20 years ago.

The Predator Accuracy finally returns to the iconic Predator look of the turn of the millennium

According to our sources, a black, white, and red colorway will surely not be released until at least August or September 2023. It seems unlikely that an Original colorway will ever be released at all.

There won't be an Original colorway until August/September 2023 for sure

Adidas Predator Accuracy 'Original' Concept - Features

  • Concept based on launch colorway
  • Colorway: Black/White/Red
  • Release date: Likely Never

An Original "Black/White/Red" Adidas Predator Accuracy cleat won't be available to buy before August 2023 for sure. There is no info if an OG colorway will come out in the last months of 2023.

Would you like Adidas to release an original black, white, and red colorway for the next-generation Adidas Predator Accuracy? Let us know in the comments below, and browse the Boot Calendar for actual leaked and released Adidas football boots.