Next-Gen Adidas Predator 'Accuracy' 2023 Launch Boots Released - Evoke Memories of 1998 World Cup Predator

The next-generation Adidas Predator Accuracy 2023 football boots were released today. They were already worn by many Adidas players like Bellingham, Pogba, and Pedri. The launch edition is part of the Adidas "Own Your Football" pack.

The next-generation Adidas Predator 2023 soccer cleats are called "Accuracy". This evokes memories of iconic Predator boots released more than 20 years ago - the Accuracy 1998 World Cup Predators and the Precision Euro 2000 Predators.

The name evokes memories of the 2000 Adidas Predator Precision, the design of the 1998 Accelerator

Adidas Predator Accuracy "Own Your Football" - Black / White / Team Shock Pink

This picture shows the launch edition of the next-gen Adidas Predator Accuracy - "Own Your Football".

For the "Own Your Football" launch colorway of Predator Accuracy, Adidas combine the main color black with white and pink. The official colorway is "Black / White / Team Shock Pink".

The visual design of the next-generation Adidas Predator Accuracy soccer cleats is inspired by the Adidas Predator Accelerator 1998 World Cup cleats which celebrate their 25-year anniversary.

Tech-wise, the Adidas Predator Accuracy football boots introduce relatively big changes for the upper and the heel counter.

The rubber elements and the overall construction appear to be more similar to the Adidas Predator Freak than to the last-gen Adidas Predator Edge.

Adidas Predator Accuracy .1

Adidas Predator Accuracy .1 Low

Adidas Predator Accuracy 2023 'Own Your Football' - Features

  • Successor of Adidas Predator Edge
  • 3 high-end versions: laceless (+), laces collared (.1) and laces low-cut (.1 Low)
  • HybridTouch upper with High Definition Grip Rubber Elements in the strike zone for precise and controlled touches
  • Soft and flexible Primeknit material for a laceless design and lockdown feeling
  • Split sole outsole engineered for quick stops and starts on firm ground surfaces
  • Power Facet redistributes weight to forefoot for powerful and punchy strikes
  • Made with recycled content for sustainability
  • Price: USD 280 (EUR 300, GBP 250)
  • Colorway: Black/White/Team Shock Pink
  • Release date: 1 February 2023

The new Adidas Predator Accuracy Own Your Football soccer boots are available from 1 February 2023, retailing at USD 280 (EUR 300, GBP 250) for the laceless variant.

Do you like the 2023 Adidas Predator, the Accuracy? What do you think of the black, white, and pink launch edition? Drop us a line below, and browse the Boot Calendar for more Adidas football boots.